I am a Ph.D. student at University of Southern California, currently working on understanding and modeling how flow physics has shaped the biological and ecological functions of cilia and ciliated systems. Using analytical and computational methods, I develop mathematical models for ciliary motion in microorganisms, and analyze how ciliary interactions with the surrounding fluid dictate the performance of the microorganism in generating feeding currents and transporting nutrients and dissolved particles. I am interested in diffusion process in nature, and emergent phenomena driven by active matter in microscopic living system.

Ciliated microorganisms modeling

Flow physics and feeding performance modeling for sessile ciliate. Streamlines (light blue lines with arrows) of surrounding fluid flow are over plotting on the nutrient concentration field (colormap) that is governed by advection-diffusion transport.

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Ciliary flow modeling in a spherical confinement


 Ciliary flow modeling inside a spherical confinement. Streamlines (blue arrow) represent for fluid flow, red force represent for point forces generated by cilia.

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Other Interests

DIY performance testing at home

Car toy & Fan, PIV analysis